Afghan Transit Initiatives started as a short-term effort of friends and colleagues who came
together in our private capacity, and on a volunteer basis. We realized we could not abandon our
former colleagues and their families. These are allies and friends who put themselves in grave
danger by working with us.

We quickly realized the reality: this was not going to be a quick or short-term assistance effort, and in
early October 2021 we began formalizing into a 501c3.

Our mission is to help Afghans in the most urgent need of help find transit, safe houses, and
evacuation assistance.

Our founding team is a group of humanitarian and development professionals with decades of U.S.
government service and fieldwork in more than 20 countries, including conflict zones. We are
supported by a group of volunteers from around the globe who help us organize, fundraise, and
make sure our programs keep moving.


Jeanne Briggs is an independent consultant in crisis, stabilization, and governance. She has worked for USAID for 20 years as a civil servant, foreign service officer, and personal services contractor, including 10 years with the Office of Transition Initiatives. She has served tours in Sudan, South Sudan, northern Uganda, Cote d’Ivoire, and Burma and done field work in Armenia, Belarus, Burundi, eastern Congo, Iraq, Moldova, Niger, Russia, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe.


Roseann Casey is a senior-level professional with over 25 years of experience aligning public and private sector objectives and resources towards sustainable and equitable solutions. Her work has focused on development, infrastructure investment, and post-conflict issues as a USAID foreign service officer in Afghanistan and Nigeria, and for INGOS on refugee relief, civil society development, and humanitarian and emergency response in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Indonesia, Russia, and across Africa.


Stacia George is an experienced and effective international development and national security leader, advocate, and manager with more than 20 years of rapid and progressive success managing teams and programs in 21 conflict or post-conflict countries, working within and with various U.S. Government institutions, development partners, and international organizations. She is the current Director of Conflict Resolution at the Carter Center.


Sara Yim is an independent consultant in conflict, stabilization, countering violent extremism, and humanitarian response. She worked for USAID's Office of Transition Initiatives for 11 years with a portfolio that included Somalia, Afghanistan, Syria, and South Sudan. She has additional experience working in Haiti, Kyrgyzstan, Jordan, Kenya and Mozambique. Prior to USAID, Ms. Yim worked with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) in refugee resettlement.