Private Groups Aiding Thousands in Afghanistan...

WASHINGTON - Stacia George hired buses to take hundreds of Afghans, including many who worked for the U.S. government, to the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif after the Taliban seized Kabul. She planned for charter jets to whisk them to new lives out of Afghanistan. But a month later...READ FULL ARTICLE


Good news comes, but slowly. Read on to see Transit Initiatives in the news, and other news we think needs highlighting.

Private Groups Seek Government Funding To...

WASHINGTON - With winter closing in across much of Afghanistan, American veterans organizations and other private groups are pressing the State Department for funding to continue evacuating thousands of vulnerable Afghans who didn't make it out of the country during the massive U.S. airlift in August...READ FULL  ARTICLE


When the crisis in Afghanistan began as a result of the United States’ military withdrawal that was announced in April and ended Aug. 30, Sara Yim knew she wanted to help her Afghan friends and their families get to safety outside of the country. As a result, Yim created a women-led, non-profit called... READ FULL ARTICLE


The Battle to Get a ‘Sweet Father’ and his Family ...

“If you’re ever in my home for dinner, you’ll see the faces of Afghans hanging on the dining room wall,” writes my reporter friend Jessica Stone in an email. “These are pictures I was able to take only because Mohammad made sure I had safe transport to the northern province of Bamiyan...READ FULL ARTICLE