Why We Cannot Give Up...

The rapid collapse of Kabul was surprising to everyone; the chaotic evacuation that followed was less so. Despite the chaos, the quick work of the US and its Allies, allowed over 120,000 people were evacuated in those last two weeks. But, despite these efforts, many have been left behind.

Those who remain were people who never wanted to leave their country: they were dedicated to making it a better place. They worked for development programs, they were activists, they created artistic projects, and they cared about building a better Afghanistan. They stayed until the end in the hopes that they'd see a more stable future.

For the moment, those hopes are gone. Transit Initiatives has made it our mission to bring those people to safety, until the country is again safe enough for them to return and to continue to pursue their dreams in their homeland.

Transit Initiatives facilitates access for safe passage and resettlement of at-risk individuals and families fleeing danger and persecution, prioritizing US government civilian partners, aid workers, civil society leaders, and other especially vulnerable groups.


We coordinate with legal experts, US government partners, military experts and trusted on-the-ground security and health partners to get the most vulnerable to safehouses in country, or find them reliable and secure passage to a safe country.


Humbled, grateful, and joyful to share that my friend and former fixer, Reza, is out of Afghanistan and so is his beautiful family,” reporter Jessica Stone wrote on Facebook last month. Reza is the real name for “Mohammad,” ... READ FULL ARTICLE